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Up to €/$/£ 350,00 bonus.
In three easy steps you could be playing at this Casino and claiming your 1st Bonus! Encrypted, Secure and Private - Super fast cashouts - Safe and easy deposits - Independantly audited - Play in your currency.

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Up to €/$/£ 350,00 bonus.
In three easy steps you could be playing at this Casino and claiming your 1st Bonus! Encrypted, Secure and Private - Super fast cashouts - Safe and easy deposits - Independantly audited - Play in your currency.

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Microgaming Online casino How does it work

 How do Microgaming casinos work?
They have two variations of Gaming casino: Flash and Download!
The Flash variation is the no-download casino. This meansthat you can access it from our website, login and play: as simple as that. The benefit of the Flash variation is that you don't need to download and install the software. The flash variation offers a limited number of games to play. To experience over 600 games, it is preferable to opt for the download casino.In the download version, you have access to a larger range of games, you have easy access to the casino via the desktop shortcut, and it is quick and easy to install.
 Microgaming Group of casinos software has state of the art graphics and sound to deliver the ultimate online gaming experience. The initial download contains 5 games: A further 600 free games can be downloaded from within the software,whilst playing any of the initial 5 games.
 Click on any DOWNLOAD button on the website to start the software download. Save the file to your hard drive and after a short while you will be prompted to run the software. (Please make a note of where you are saving the downloadfile, so that you can install the casino upon compltion of the download.)
 You are now ready to install the casino software. If you are not prompted to open the file, then double-click on the casino "exe" file, which you will find in the folder that you saved it in. If you don't remember where you saved the file then click on the start menu at the bottom left corner of your screen and select "search". Usethe casino name as the keyword for yGaming search. When you have found the file, click on it and install the software. If you are still experiencing difficulties downloading the casino, please contact us.
 For each brand name within the Microgaming Group of casinos,the installation file name will change.

 a .Minimum requirements:
•CPU:  Intel P4 or AMD – 1.5ghz or faster
•Memory:  512MB (640MB if system share memory with Video Card)
•Hard drive space:  4 Gigabyte or more available
•Graphics card:  64MB memory SVGA, 800x600, 16-bit colour 65K
•Sound Blaster compatible sound card •Microsoft compatible 2-button mouse

b. Recommended requirements:
•CPU:  Intel Core2 or AMD Athlon II – 2.5ghz or faster
•Memory:  2GB
•Hard drivespace:  10 Gigabyte or more available
•Grahics card:  256MB memory SVGA, 1024x768, 32-bit colGaming (16-million)
•Sound Blaster compatible sound card
•Microsoft compatible 2-button mouse
IBM Compatible PC (Flash and Viper):
•Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox 3.0.1+
•Flash Player 10+ •Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit ad 64-bit)

t's Easy!
a. Make sure you are logged on to the internet
b. Double click on the casino icon on your desktop


a. Click the Start button in Windows
b. Select "Programs"
c. Select the casino
d. Click on casino name

3.1How do I register at the Casino?
3.1.1Account Registration
 a. Once you have downloaded the casino (see Section 1 above), you will need to register an account. Following the prompts, complete the registration form by filling out all the mandatory fields. You will be required to ener a password of your choice. Note that your password is case sensitive. All of our casinos offer you the choice on registration of choosing one of the following main currencies: US$, CAN$, AU$, UK£, or Euro's €. For specific regions They offer: Swiss Franc (S₣), Chilean Peso (CLP$), Chinese Yuan CNҐ), Swedish Krona (kr).

b.Once registration is complete you will be given a player account number. Keep yGaming account number and password in a safe place. You will use them to access the casino each time you wish to play.

4.1How do I log in to the casino?
 Once you have launched the casino (see 1.5 above) all you need to do is:

a Click on the "connect" button on the main casino screen

b. When a dialog box appears, enter your account number and password (or register for an account as appropriate. All of our casinos offer you the choice, upon registration, of choosing one of the following main currencies: US$, CAN$, AU$, UK£, or Euro's €. For specific regions They offer: Swiss Franc (S₣), Chilean Peso (CLP$), Chinese Yuan CNҐ), Swedish Krona (kr).
 Your password is case-sensitive and must be entered the same way each time you log in. If you have forgotten your password or account number, contat a customer service representative for assistance. Remember to have your registration details handy. In order to comply with eCogra's strict policies on account details, They are only able to provide players account details after positively identifying the player over the phone.
 This could be due to a bad or slow connection with yGaming Internet Service Provider. Disconnect and reconnect to the Internet and try again.
 Crossplay is enabled across the entire Microgaming group. The crossplay feature allows you to play at one casino withan account from another. For example, if a player has a Crazy Vegas account, that account number can be used to log in to the Golden Riviera software. The account balance displayed will be the account balance of the account number used to log in. This applies to all casinos within the Microgaming Group.

There are only two Vegas Partner Lounge casinos that have Multi-Player functionality: Crazy Vegas Casino and Golden Riviera Casino. These two casino host regular Slots and Blackjack tournaments as well as havingMulti-Player games. If you have registered your account at any other Microgaming casino, you can download Crazy Vegas Casino or Golden Riviera Casino, log in with your Gaming existing account details and play any of the Multi-Player games or tournaments offered there.

5.1Are my transactions secure?
 Yes. Micogaming Group of casinos uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption to protect the details of your electronic transactions over the Internet. This is the Internet security standard for onlie transactions as demanded by major financial institutions. All Credit Card transactions across our brands are facilitated by PROC-CYBER-SERVICES, the Internet's premier electronic cash merchants. Their servies offer safe and secure e-cash, which Microgaming Group of casinos is proud to be able to accept as a means of purchasing tokens. The banking facility is only available to Real Players i.e. players who wager with real money.
5.2How do I purchase 'real money' credits?
 There are numerous ways to purchase casino credits at Gaming asino brands. Certain payment methods are only available to certain players at selected casinos playing in specific currencies/countries. For details of all of these methods, please refer to the banking section .
5.3What is the minimum amount of gaming credits I need topurchase?
 In order to start playing online, you will need to purchase a minimum of $20 worth of gaming credits. The minimum initial deposit amount may vary for a particular brand depending on a specific current promotion for the brand.

A variety of withdrawal mechanisms are avaiable, all of which give you secure, efficient and fast access to your money. They will always refund via yGaming method of purchase initially, and then to your chosen method of purchase (PMOP). For details of all of these methods please refer to the banking section.

Cash-in / Withdrawal Steps
· Go to "Bank"
· Select the "Withdrawal" option
· Select the amount you would like to withdraw
· Once you have completed the withdrawal, the amount will leave your balance where it wil be in a pending status for 24 hours. This means that you can reverse your withdrawal within the following 24 hours. Thereafter the cash-in will be in our cash-in management system.

It is not necessary for you to cash-in your winnings at the end of each session: your account can be left with a positive balance, and will e automatically saved by Gaming server. These credits will be available for you to use te next time you login to the Casino.

5.5CFT (Credit Fund Transfer)
 You can now withdraw funds from your casino account via Credit Fund Transfer, which will transfer money from your casino account into your Visa card. Please note there is a maximum daily limit of £7,500. Transactions take 3-5 working days.
5.Revering a Cash-in
 If you request a cash-in and change your mind and wish to continue playing with those credits, you may request a reversal of the cash-in within 24 hours. Please simply go back to the cash-in software and follow the "cash-in reversal" instructions
5.7How can I view my account balance?
 You can ue CashCheck to see just how your account stands. All deposits and cash-ins can be viewed through this feature.
 CashCheck is a cash transaction reporting tool that provides a complete statement of cash transactions made to and from your account at Vegas Partner Lounge casinos. This allows you to know exactly how you have been paid out (through check, credit card, etc.) and how you made your deposits.

It's easy to access and you can do so from the 'My Account' section within your casino account!

If you have any queries with regards to banking, please contact our support team.

a. Risk Controls
Microgaming Casinos / Proc-Cyber Services play an active role in fraud prevention and detection. They aim to ensure the integrity of customer accounts as well as payments made to cstomers. Vegas Partner Lounge Casinos / Proc-Cyber Services employs a variety of appropriate security and risk controls, to oversee every transaction. Customers are required to supply proof of identit, copies of the front and back of their credit cards, and a signed purchase history of their transactions and / or other apropriate documentation, particularly when attempting to cash-in credits. This ensures that e-cash deposits and redemptions are not fraudulently transaced.

b. Proc-Cyber Services
All commercial transactions at Microgaming Casinos are facilitated by Crazy Commerce, Borth Holdings Ltd and Proc-Cyber Services, the Internet's premier electronic ash merchant. is a trade name for Go North Limited. Proc-Cyber Services offers safe ad secure e-cash, which Microgaming Casinos are proud to be able to accept asa means of purchasing tokens. The banking facility is only available to Real Playes i.e. players who wager with real money as opposed to Practice Players, who play for fun. They recommend that our customers print out all transaction data, as well as the rules of the game and to keep them at an easily accessible place.

6.1What is a Wager?
 A wager is a bet placed on the outcome of an event and it is defined in the following example: if you wager 5 credits each on two Slot spins, winning the one and losing the other, your credit balance will not change, yet this counts as 10 creditswgered.
6.2What are my chances of winning?
 All our games are run by "Microgaming's Random Numbers Generator" which is independent from any other part of the system. The Casinos are checked on a regular basis by independent auditors.

They would like to mention that all card games are held with 1 pack of cards shuffled, with every new game.
6.3What happens if I lose my connection to the gaming server?
 Games in progress are saved if the link between player and casino is interrupted for any reason. If the gaming server resolves the bet during the loss of your Internet connection, it will refresh your credit balance with the outcome of the bet. If it does not resolve the bet during loss of the Internet connection, it will present you with the unfinished bet the next time you select the game that was being played when the connection loss occurred.
6.4Why do the Slot Reels or Roulette ball just keep spinning without stopping?
 This is caused by Internet traffic. The signal from the server is not being relayed to your software, so the slot wheels just keep spinning because they have not received the signal telling them when and where to stop. If you close the program, you will be refreshed to the last known position.
6.5Why do the cards not flip over during a hand?
 This is caused by a bad or slow Internet connection. The gaming server will hold the wager until it can resole the bet.
6.6How can I view exactly what cards have been dealt?
 Playcheck is the result of revolutionary technology developed to allow players to view their complete betting history online at the Casino. For the first time, plaers can see exactly what cards were dealt, where the ball landed nd how the reels lined up. PlayCheck allows you to review your last 89 days of play - wager by wager. This allows Gaming players to check on the accuracy of the software. PlayCheck is updated every 45 minutes.
 Multi-player games are only functional on olden Riviera Casino and Crazy Vegas Casino. Should you wish to play muti-player games but do not have a Golden Riviera or Crazy Vegas casino account, you can take advantage of the crossplay function and simply use yGaming casino account number to log into either the Golden Riviera or the Crazy Vegas software.
6.8What is Freeplay? (where offered)
 FreePlay is a revolutionary way for new players to play at the casino and eperience the thrill, without making a deposit. It is best to read the Terms and Conditions on the FreePlay page (found on the casino's website) as each casino offers exclusive FrePlay packages for their brand. Once you have opened yGaming account, contact a customer service representative for information on how to play Gaming Freeplay offer. All our brands, (excluding Sun Vegas Casino, which has its own special bonuses), offer you a unique Freeplay experience.
6.9Where can I access Practice Play?
 After you register a account, you can login and select the Practise Play mode. Play as many of our casino games to get the feelof the casino.
6.10For how long will my Practice Play account be active?
 Each of our casino brands offers a different amount of practice play credits to play any number of casino games. Once the practice play credits are used up, you should make a real money deposit into your real account to continue playing at the casino.
6.11Can I purchase more casino chips in Practice Play?
 No, you cannot purchae more chips in Practice Play. Once you have used the Practice Play chips, you may purchase real money chips. Thus, you play for real and you can win for real
6.12What is the difference between FreePlay and Practice Pay
 FreePlay is an introductory (welcome) offer for new players, which is accessed from the Real Money Tab. The amounts offered are differ per casino. The advantage of playing FreePlay, is that you may claim winnings from Freeplay credits up to a certain amount as per Freeplay Terms and Conditions of the casino brand. Your claimed Freeplaywinnings can be used in your Real Casino account when playing to win real money.

Practice Play is a complimentary offer, which is accessed from the Practice Play Tab. When playing in practice play, no Winnings can be transferred to your ral account. Practice play gives you the opportunity to find out more about our casino games and to give you a feel of the casino.
 PlayCheck is a technology which allows you to view yGaming complete gaming transaction history at a Vegas Partner Lounge Casino. You can see exactly what cards were dealt in Blackjack, where the bal landed in Roulette and how the reels lined up on your favourite slot machine. It's easy to access and yo can do so from the 'My Account' section within yGaming casino account!
6.14How do I download more games?

Selections of some of the most popular games are included in your initial download. To download more free games, just keep playing at the casino and the rest of the games will download in the background without interfering with yGaming play. If there is a specific game that you want to play, but it is not immeiately available, click on the game icon. This game will begin downloading immediately. You can monitor the download progress by watching the progress bar that will appear across the game icon.

Please note that the download time is dependent on the speedof your nternet connection. Microgaming Group of casinos will also download new games and upgrades during normal play. These downloads are however small and are only carried out during periods that the link between your computer and the Casino'sservers is inactive, such as the time between reel spins in a slot machine. As your game play takes priority you should not even notice that these downloads are in progress.

The game's progress can be monitored via the progress bar that appears over the game button. Clicking on the next game button will start another download. You will notice that the game button inquestion, as well as the previous game button, has progress indicators. The game specified by the last button clicked will receive preferene and download first.

7.1Are my Credit Card details safe?
 Yes, your personal Real Account number and password must be supplid prior to any credit card transaction. Particular details are also requested in order to purchase credits at the casino. Microgaming Group of casinos guarantees secure data transfer during any transaction and undertakes never to disclose any credit card informatio or other information to any third party.
7.2Can I register a credit card at the casino that is not in my name?
 Microgaming Group of casinos does not allow players to register credit cards of which they are not signatories. These measures are taken to protect you, the player, and your credit cards and account. If another person would like to play in our casino via your PC, They recommend they open their own Real Account.
7.3Are my account number and password safe?

Yes. The casino software uses state-of-the-art 128-Bit encryption technology when data is transferred over th Internet. Each player is issued with a unique account number and players choose their own password.

8.1What do I do if I need technical assistance?

They provide free live chat, 24-hour toll-free and e-mail support to all casino players. Contact us 24-hours a day, 7 days a week if you have any questions, queries or suggestions. Our operators are standing by to assist you. 

9.1What is the minimum age required to play t Vegas Partner Lounge Group of casinos?
 Casino play is available only to persons older than 18 years of age, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is the greater. Minors may not under any circumstances play at Gaming casinos.
9.2Is Microgaming Group of casino' s legal?

Yes, all Microgaming casinos operate under the licensing jurisdiction of Malta. They are also certified by eCogra.


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